Friday, July 03, 2009

70 Nine-Patch Squares, By Golly!

I finally finished all 70 squares for crazy mom quilts quilt-along! I think the suggestion was that one was to make these squares out of scraps only. Well I dutifully tried that, and scrambled around in my various shoeboxes, baskets and bags for coordinating scraps. That only lasted until about square thirty or so...and then I gave up and started pulling fabric off the shelves, ironing the edge and cutting off 2.5" hunks.

But still? Phew, what a time-consuming project! Probably made all the more time-consuming as I set a rule for myself that I would not repeat a fabric. Yes, for those of you doing the math at home, that's 140 different fabrics! I inadvertently goofed by using an orange polka dot fabric twice, and also gave up on finding a coordinating fabric for another square and re-used a peach-colored paisley twice. I'm kind of impressed with how long I would dither on each fabric choice - each square a dilemma.

This quilt top will be sashed in white, which I think will set off the myriad of different colors nicely. I'm looking forward to using white fabric as I NEVER have! Still curious as to how all the squares will get along - stay tuned.


Allison said...

Don't feel bad I didn't use scraps either. :) well, some scraps, but I didn't have enough to make it look like I wanted too! :) lame excuse I know. I read that your from around Port Townsend?! I love Port Townsend! We regularly make trips there to sit on the beach at Fort Warden and I there's a pretty little park there I love. OH and Swains, gotta love Swains. I grew up in Poulsbo, and we're headed back that way to live temporarily for awhile. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! Hopefully you'll get some visitors, Thanks -Allison


OOOH! all Amanda's nine patches! I met her today! She told me about your blog. ;-) hi!