Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Trying Things Out

Math, it's what I'm no good at. Thankfully, there is not too much math involved in quilting, at least not if you're staying away from such fol-de-rol as designing using the Fibonacci series, or only using squares that are prime numbers... But for this latest charrette, I decided to expand on the basic CD sized template to see what could happen with more circles and more squares.

My notes for this one are pretty funny - "salad plate" "cookie jar lid" and "bottom of the blue juice glass." I've subsequently bought yet another compass to draw my very own circles, so I won't need to scurry all over the house finding appropriately sized circles!

The fabric I used for this was the remnants from the four angel costumes I sewed for my fellowship's Nativity play. It was the very cheapest white muslin Joann's had on offer which I then low-immersion dyed in two colors of blue and some black. I rather like this color combination -- it's all over my house (on the walls, in the curtains, in the art) and it is all over my neighborhood -- grey skies followed by patches of blue, with plenty of clouds, rinse, repeat. I took the picture of the completed quilt-let in full sun, and darned if that isn't a strange exposure! I think I have a lot to learn about photography!

Last week I embarked upon a full-sized quilt using these proportions - it's turning out to be very tasky - I hope I like it!

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