Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Learning Curve

I am finding that I simply love Mondays and Tuesdays. Selfishly, those are the days I typically don't work, don't volunteer at school, and have the most time to myself. I've been rather frenzied these last Mondays and Tuesdays -- going for sinfully delicious bike rides, tank top and shorts hikes on the beach and through the Fort (it's been hot this week!), sampling some crazy Steve Ross TV yoga workouts, with bursts of house-cleaning, laundry and of course...sewing.

This past Monday, I finally started grabbing some fabric out of the closet to give curved piecing a try. At first, I was going to pick some gunky old fabric just to see how it would work, but I compromised and used some mostly inexpensive fabric I picked up a while ago at *gasp* JoAnn's! Here are the results:

I'm going to give this basic pattern a try for a refreshing aqua/blue number. I'm a few cuts into some of my yardage, and my rotary skills are a little rusty - I've got wonky-edges! Sounds like I need to focus on better ironing and more aabeisance to Goddess Just-So.

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