Monday, September 14, 2009

Mini Quilt Monday

I've been dithering and a-dithering over finishing up the queen-sized nine-patch, first, trying to come up with suitable backing fabric in the right quantities, and then agonizing over border quilting styles and finally, fretting about choosing the perfect binding fabric. Enough already! Just finish the darn thing!

As part of my dithering, I sewed up this little darlin' - a lovely maquette made to not only test out the quilting I intended to do on the nine-patch, but also to see how my aqua, blue and green fabrics for my next quilt were going to get along. Quite delightfully, I'd say. This little quilt 18-1/2" x 20-1/2" reminds me of clean laundry on the line on a hot summer's day, or a freshly ironed white cotton shirt right after you've put it on, and before you've spilled a commuter cup of coffee down the front of it on your way to work.

Oh, I also pieced the back of it a little, and was pleased to see that my quilting came out right in the center of the squares - hard to plan, but I tried! Today marks my first full Monday with both adorable boys in school. I've got vacuuming and laundry and yoga and cooking and bike-riding on the agenda, as well as plenty of sewing, stay tuned!

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